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Our Mousepad Quality

Our most popular mouse pad is our white fabric top with the genuine black rubber (not foam) base. Excellent for dye sublimation, transfer printing and silk screening. The fabric top is made of a superior bright white polyester material and it does not have a noticeable weave pattern. Therefore, your image will show the highest resolution giving you maximum detail, richer color and a smoother look.

The tracking on the surface of our mouse pad is excellent with any mouse. The base of our mouse pads are made of genuine natural rubber with an anti skid bottom. This mouse pad is commercial quality!

  • Genuine rubber base.
  • Superior bright white polyester cloth top gives you the highest resolution print.
  • Ultra smooth surface that locks in the sharpest details of your print.
  • High traction surface that works great with any mouse.
Colors Tops Available:
(Colors shown below are approximate)
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Forest Green
(Color pads come in 1/4" thickness only)


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